by Alexander Fury .

Paris Fashion Week: Lights, Action - No Cameras!

Last night I received an email from the very, very nice press attachés of Karla Otto (one of the finest PR houses in the world I hasten to add, hear hear!) to advise that no photography will be allowed at today's Celine show.

Well, okay, let me temper that - the polite notice stated that no non-official catwalk photography would be permitted. Namely, no cameraphone snaps or covert twitpics, and that goes for the showrooms too. With a vision as precise as Phoebe Philo's, it makes perfect sense that she would seek to regulate how that vision is communicated to the world, especially in the infancy of its first public catwalk outing. It seems that, after a few years of flooding the universe-slash-twitterverse with endless imagery, fashion is pulling back in on itself and going low-key.

In a season celebrating all things Balenciaga, it feels appropriate that fashion should pull away from the public eye. Balenciaga was resolutely private, obsessed with the perfection of his art. He despised the press, refusing them seats and avoiding loaning them garments to shoot. He decided, in the mid-fifties, that he would show to the press a month after every other couture house, and therefore a month after his clients had ordered their garments - he hated their decisions to be affected by press coverage of the collection.

Balenciaga also chose, one day, to shutter shop because there he decided there was no-one left to dress. One can only imagine what would happen if you tried to do that in our current fashion world. Then again, when would a designer find the time for such an epiphany, sandwiched as they are, constantly, between pre-collection, selling collection, resort, catwalk, showroom, and repeat.

Celine kicks off this afternoon at 13:00 CET. I have been informed the show 'plans to run on time.' Possibly with the military precision of fellow LVMH stablemate Louis Vuitton, which is slated for a prompt 10am start on Wednesday.