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Peter Saville: Accessories to an Artwork

Peter Saville has declared 'it all looks like art to me now' - and evidently he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. His latest exhibition, Accessories to an Artwork offers just that: the chance for anything and everything to be presented as art by its placement on a gallery plinth. The plinths themselves are Saville's creations: emulating those conventionally made of wood, Saville's are flat-packed white cardboard constructs measuring 96cmx35cmx35cm. As with Duchamp's 'Fountain', it is the plinths themselves that transform the selection of objects into art and accordingly Saville steps back from the limelight, his plinths providing the opportunity for twenty-two other creatives - from Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton to Jarvis Cocker and Wolfgang Tillmans - to display anything of their choice and consequently render it a work of art. With the plinths available in a limited edition of 200 and easily constructed at home, the onus is on the power (good or bad) of the public to assert their own aesthetic idiosyncrasies and curate their world for themselves, allowing the audience in effect to become simultaneously artist, curator and even critic in their choice of a single worthy object. For his own part, on the display of his 'Estate' at the Migros Museum in Zurich in 2005, Mr Saville selected an exceptional plastic bird as worthy of the plinth.

Peter Saville's 'Accessories to an Artwork' is at the Paul Stolper Gallery, 31 Museum Street WC1A 1LH until 22 November 2008


  1. dromedary
    18:10 10 Oct 2008
    what is happening to the artworks that were on the plinths? were these not created with the plinths in mind?
  2. GalileosUniverse
    08:38 13 Oct 2008
    Fascinating ' concept ' and a monument to our endless quality of being 'creative ' ... perhaps the last frontier in the matters of ' Whatever happened to Baby ART '
  3. GalileosUniverse
    08:50 13 Oct 2008
    Fascinating ' concept ' and a monument to our endless quality of being 'creative ' ... perhaps the last frontier in the matters of ' What Ever Happened to Baby ART ? ' ... it reminds me of those disposable plinths used in window displays .... where anything that sells can become an object of desire ... just like that with the compliments of a plinth ! ... totally fascinating, indeed !
  4. la
    18:37 25 Oct 2008
    Did anybody see the Peter Saville piece that was at Frieze?
    I would be really interested to know how much it was on sale at.