by Paul Hetherington .

Peter Saville's CMYK Garden

This afternoon saw the long awaited official re-opening of St Luke’s Gardens, which is SHOWstudio's local council park in London. The long waiting and the re-opening is down to another local resident, Peter Saville, who has designed a horticultural installation for the garden. Entitled "Process Garden", it features flower beds in a circular design of four segments, each planted in the colours of the CMYK four colour process - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. (Black is coded using its end letter K, so as not to cause any confusion with the blue of RGB). Peter's inspiration for the regeneration of this modest civic amenity was taken from the historical local industry of this area of London, Clerkenwell being the very much the centre of printing trade throughout most of the last century.

Although Peter, fashionably late as always, could not be there to witness the grand occasion, the Deputy Mayor and over 100 people gathered in the June sunshine to enjoy a short speech, music from an orchestral quartet, some cakes and of course lashings of ginger beer.