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Philip Treacy LIVE this Thursday

All this fashion stuff seems to have gone to our heads - maybe the 'headdress' exhibition at SHOWstudio Shop is to blame - as from 11:00 GMT this Thursday 25 March, internationally acclaimed milliner and accessory designer Philip Treacy becomes the latest fashion creative to take up residence in our LiveStudio.

For one day only, Treacy will work in the LiveStudio to craft an exquisite and unique headpiece - and as always the cameras will be streaming to ensure the entire creative process from conception to completion is broadcast live. The final item, a complete one-off created by Treacy's own fair hands, will be showcased as part of the 'headdress' exhibition and will also be offered for sale through SHOWstudio Shop.

Join us on Thursday for all the live action!


  1. hannah
    12:55 22 Mar 2010
    Philip Treacy is a legend!
    After watching Alice in Wonderland.. all I can think of is Hats Hats Hats!
  2. Imogen
    10:51 23 Mar 2010
    An entire headpiece in one day!!! Looking forward to seeing how he does that!!
  3. hudson
    14:41 23 Mar 2010
    Philip Treacy is fantastic. Very excited about this.
  4. GalileosUniverse
    17:47 23 Mar 2010
    PHILLIP TRACY, Paris Haute Couture1998
    Beautiful to watch indeed! What great fashion-mathematician in the art of creating visually dynamic design with a very individual an impeccable feeling for style, and unbelievably timeless!