by Andrew Gow .


We know, we know, you won’t be able to make Paris this season: you’ll be caught up in LA after Harvey’s post-Oscar do, won't you? Well, by fortunate coincidence, Lagerfeld muse Irina Lazareanu has very kindly stepped in to cover your backs next week. Another season means another PHONECARTE - SHOWstudio takes a model of the season, we thrust a mobile phone into her hand and send her through the fug of Elnett vapours and hysteria backstage. All she has to do is 'model' and remember to call home. Difficult? From what we hear, Irina is something of a party girl and she admits to surviving a UK tour in the ‘Shamble-mobile’ with Pete. Ever the picture of cool composure though, we can’t wait for her Kommentar.