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Piers Atkinson's The Language of Flowers LiveStudio footage is now available

Renowned milliner and flower fanatic Piers Atkinson was the second of three creatives to participate in our Flora LiveStudio series. Following on from where Claire Barrow left off, Atkinson uniquely crafted three headpieces in direct response to Nick Knight’s Flora exhibition across a period of two days. The first fused black perspex with vibrant orange and cerise roses to create an eye-catching oriental headdress, while the second, with Atkinson’s elegant use of black pinapoc, offered a demure nod to the hats of Ascot.  Finally, a dramatic embroidered veil closed the triplet. This piece was a tense offering between the organic and the rebellious and a perfect exemplification of Atkinson's trademark aesthetic. Re-discover The Language of Flowers with this insightful on demand footage of the milliner’s stint here at SHOWstudio.