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Pilati's Project Manifesto Alert!

If you were clicking through the YSL 'button' ads at the foot of our front page last week, you may already have signed up for notification of the brand's mysterious forthcoming 'Manifesto'. We have it from a reliable source that tomorrow it will be announced that the images published in our Campaign Portfolio are merely one half of YSL's advertising this season.

A second tranche of imagery will be disseminated via 2 million editions of a manifesto, printed on recycled paper, to be handed out free of charge on the streets of the following fashion cities: New York (6 & 7 Sept); Paris (12 Sept, outside Metro stations, apparently) and London (17 Sept). Via this 'alternative, environmentally responsible' communications strategy, it is said, YSL are 'bringing the brand back to the streets'. Don't take them too literally, however: unlike most free papers, you are unlikely to find one discarded by the roadside so you'd better be quick!

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    08:36 3 Sep 2007
    ..... goed enviromental initiative !....perhaps it would be nice to distribute it...charging something like 10 or 20p.....? and donate it to a good save the white tigers ?...just a well meant suggestion....