by Alexander Fury .

Pitti Immagine #80: Designs For Life

Prouvé Raw's rendering of 'Standard 1934/50'
G-Star RAW by Marc Newson

Jeans aren't generally known for design innovation - a bit of acid washing and taking a cheese grater to the knees is about as far as it usually goes. G-Star, however, look set to challenge that by collaborating with two heavyweight designers drawn from outside the realms of fashion, to create something fresh and new. The first is Marc Newson - having designed everything from cars, to restaurants, to bicycles, to private jets, Newson is now applying his design innovation to clothing. The tweaks were subtle, and geared for wearability - using industrial design techniques to simplify construction and line. The idea was to reinvent street-wear, so jackets came revisable, cargo trousers were reworked to sit sleeker against the body and camouflage was re-tooled as an overlapping star-print motif.

If that's the wearable stuff, G-Star's other collaboration is slightly more esoteric. Working with the studio of legendary French Modernist designer Jean Prouvé, G-Star have formed the first collaboration with Vitra to reissue 17 of Prouvé's best-known designs, 9 of which will go into commercial production. Think of it as a 'greatest hits' collection of pieces normally only seen in museums, or the homes of the exceedingly wealthy. The Prouvé RAW range is no slouch when it comes to prices - but you'll be parting with thousands rather than tens of thousands for a piece of Prouvé.