by Liberty Ross .

Polly Borland

I love Polly Borland. My new friend and fellow Hollywood transplant. She is an amazing artist and I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate with me for "Selling Sex" SHOWstudio's Fetish Film series.

Polly gave me two books of hers when we first met - "Bunny" and "Smudge". 

I was instantly struck by how similar some of her images were to some of my own I made for SHOW - Dress Me Up Dress Me Down.

I knew we spoke the same language and therefore could create something powerful and thought provoking. To me the act of dressing up, tying up and fetishism has its primal urges in childhood. I wanted to make a film that would blur the line of primitive sexual fetishism with naive and childlike play. I think Polly captures that fractured dynamic of vulnerability and desire so well in DOLLYWOOD.

I hope you enjoy our film.