by Penny Martin .

PRADA's Trembled Blossoms

Now that's what we call a select screening!
The Trembling Blossom meets up with Pan in the Prada Forest

Proof if ever it were needed of fashion advertising's incontrovertible shift towards film, last night the mighty PRADA unveiled 'Trembled Blossoms', a showstopping fashion film, at their 'SoHo Epicenter' store in New York. Directed by the performance artist James Luna and based on James Jean's Nouveau-esque wallpaper seen in the ad campaign, the film is an ambitious narrative fantasy depicting a cyber woman's journey through a magical, illustrated forest.

An army of CGI operatives were enlisted to show her morphing from a Lalique-like blossom, through a pastel coloured meadow and into a splendid, seductive glade, where she meets Pan. The fashion element is subtle yet cleverly handled. She begins as a sort of pale neuter cyborg wearing nothing but PRADA heels and then a mysterious character (a sci-fi stylist?) emerges from the trees and clothes her in the stand-out red and blue check sheath dress from the S/S '08 collection (Look 27, since you ask). Next, Pan shows her how tropical fish can be transformed into multi-coloured PRADA handbags in the shimmering pool at the heart of the wood. Clothes and accessories that appear by magic; it's just our kind of place!

A throng of the great and the good -from Jerry Bruckheimer, Vincent Gallo, Milla Jovovich and David Lachapelle to k.d. Lang, Kim Gordon, Rufus Sewell and Pharell Williams- all turned out to witness the film's launch at the private screening, disproving the common contention among fashion folk that a film alone can't draw an audience. But you can judge for yourself by logging on to and selecting 'Trembled Blossoms'!


  1. Sandrine
    18:04 6 Feb 2008
    The 'woman' reminds me of the AnnLee character in Phillippe Parreno's No Ghost, Just a Shell:
  2. GalileosUniverse
    22:17 6 Feb 2008
    It is absolutely... absolutely beautiful ! ... ever so exquisite to watch !!
  3. Ezzy
    08:55 7 Feb 2008
    Doesn't that image remind you of Pan's Labyrinth by any chance?
    It's so amazing!
  4. VikramKansara
    14:30 7 Feb 2008
    Beautiful concept. Inspired soundtrack from CocoRosie.
  5. VikramKansara
    15:06 7 Feb 2008
    Brilliant that Prada appears to be embracing the potential of viral web films, but if this is evidence of "fashion advertising's incontrovertible shift towards film" somebody at the Prada HQ better hurry up and add some SHARE functionality to their website.
  6. gwyllionthegeat
    23:32 9 Feb 2008
    ummmmm - the director was NOT James Luna (know the guy - didn't look at all like ANYTHING he would remotely be involved in) the director was James LIMA.
  7. GalileosUniverse
    09:32 10 Feb 2008
    .... by the way .... I found very interesting the comments and arguments in the BLOG section about James Jean working in this project for PRADA ..... a very heated discussion on the artist work... fascinating reading .....
  8. window
    00:20 11 Feb 2008
    And, with major respect to it's creators, a critical but hopefully fair review of the work here:
    Prada's Trembled Blossoms fails to fully bloom
  9. VikramKansara
    04:40 11 Feb 2008
    Mrs. Prada also designed digital costumes based on her Fall 2006 "Metropolitan Armor" collection for Japanese animé "Appleseed: Ex Machina," directed by Shinji Aramaki:
    Another innovative, inspired way to advertise.
  10. JonathanSalemBaskin
    14:17 11 Feb 2008
    I want this movie to be cool, and I think that it's great that Prada has been sponsoring creative content over the past few years, but I was pretty disappointed by it. The imagery was derivative of 30 year-old Moebius cartoons, at best, with a slight dose of Peter Max graphics (or Styx's "The Grand Illusion" album cover) thrown in for good measure. To make four minutes of animation so stunningly boring was an accomplishment, of sorts, but it certainly wasn't art. Still, there's lots of opportunity here for brands like Prada. I've mused on it a bit at DIM BULB if you'd like to check it out at dimbulb (dot) typepad (dot) com.
  11. GalileosUniverse
    16:17 11 Feb 2008
    I love when someone's work catches people's imagination and provokes all kind of reactions... it means that people take their work serious as to make the effort to express their point of view whether right or wrong .... then I would say, indeed, not entirely ..... 'BORING' ..... whatever that may entail :):) .... on the contrary I would say STIMULATING !
  12. JustJohn
    17:56 11 Feb 2008
    No. We don't want to read your blog.
  13. GalileosUniverse
    07:34 20 Feb 2008
    Prada: Erotica and old lace
    By Suzy Menkes
    Published: February 19, 2008
    MILAN: As the models walked down the steep runway in dresses as dark as pitch, just a nude-toned neckpiece suggesting something edgy underneath, the Prada collection seemed a world away from last season's SUBVERSIVE flutter of fairies.
    ' You could imagine a provincial wife dressing for cocktails in a gilded lace suit, the skirt - like all the hemlines - decorously over the knees. But there was a STRONG SUBVERSIVE ELEMENT from a cotton shirt with a breast-plate front to a nude body suit that filled in the space between different lacy pieces. As if in a Fellini movie, there was a clerical hint to the buttoned-up collars and a sense that Prada was unleashing on the fashion universe both a lace revival and erotic dreams. "
    YES INDEED... INDEED ... that's what is missing today from our vocabulary in general , in fashion ....' SUBVERT...... women today must SUBVERT ... again !!
    verb [ trans. ]
    undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution)
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