by Amanda Harlech .


Back from snow lagged Prague. Haunted by black Madonnas and wide eyed saints, Kafka's pain, and jagged gravestones in the Jewish cemetery. But climbing up to the castle and finding the Casper Freidrich moonlit painting was a blast.


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  1. Haijing
    07:22 1 Sep 2013
    Hi Lisa!Looks like you were really speliod by the stunning beauty of the Hummingbirds!!!57 species in Panama?impressive!how many species did you managed to pocket?. Your list is great!look like it was a real birding expedition!!Kudos.The Southern Ground Hornbill photo I tookusing my friends picture which was a cannon, but I can't give you the lens description with accuracy for now!it was really close range though!just lucky. Have a safe flight back home.Birding Joe