by Penny Martin .

Praise Be! Patrik Söderstam's the winner!

The Core by Patrik Söderstam

In his supporting statement, Patrik Söderstam said he intended his spiritual 1-1 artwork to communicate 'how serious and important football can be'. He'll be pleased he treated the challenge with such zeal, as Nick Knight and Nike's design director Jesse Leyva have just announced Patrik as the overall winner of the 1-1 contest! Believing him to have best adhered to the initial brief and have produced a work most appropriate to collaborating on a Nike Dunk, they have asked us to pass on their congratulations to Patrik and all the 1-1 finalists, whose contributions to the exhibition in Basel did us proud. Well done, team!

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    12:11 9 Jun 2008
    I love when a piece of art is open to individual interpretations .... and mine
    seems to tilt towards the cynical side .... thought I do admire the original intent!
    I see a man who wants so desperately his dreams to come true and is praying with such passion and intensity ... that his wish is finally granted in disproportionate abundance from the 'heavens' .... praying just like many people would do when hoping to win the ultimate prize ..... THE LOTTERY !
    And there you are .... you are the winner ... indeed ! ... Congratulations