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Pre-production Meeting for Menswear Project

Penny Martin, Paul Hetherington and Nick Knight have just met with Simon Foxton to go through the as yet untitled 30 men project. As it stands, the concept is that Simon will create a month of living tabeleaux that act as ‘living magazine pages’. 30 different men (a mixture of models, friends and street cast) will come into SHOWstudio, be groomed (hair and minimal make-up) and sat down at a waiting area in front of a webcam. Simon will style each in a separate outfit/look, with no mixing of brands. Accessories will be ‘stylists’ own’, thus each will be single-brand statement. The model will be able to take questions from SHOWstudio viewers, but how this is manifested on the site is yet unresolved.
There is no working title as of yet.

Simon brought with him an array of portrait imagery from books and his famous sketchbooks full of tearsheets and ephemera to foreground his ideas and it was felt that emphasis should be made on the ‘seated’ nature of the portraits.