by SHOWstudio Shop .

Preparations for Kyle Hopkins' LiveStudio have begun!

Kyle Hopkins and team have just arrived at SHOWstudio to prepare for their residency A Still Life which streams live tomorrow and Friday from 11:00 BST. They have installed what seems to be their entire metal workshop in our Bruton Place studio to create an entirely new piece which we're sure will be more than fitting for our current exhibition Death.

Taking inspiration from the Western tradition of commissioning wax or plaster casts of people's faces after death as a means of honouring the deceased, Hopkins will use his unique jewellery style to make his very own death mask. Watch as Hopkins embeds hundreds of his signature figurines into a brass cast of his own face and inscribe it with his adopted Latin motto 'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi' meaning 'how quickly the glory of the world passes away.' 

This is also your opportunity to put your questions to Hopkins. Ever wanted to know whose eye is cast in one of his most beautiful pendents? Or how he achieves the minute detail on each of the tiny brass figures he creates? Well now is your chance to ask. From now until the end of the stream on Friday evening you can submit questions straight to Kyle and his team. Tune in tomorrow for unparalleled access to Hopkins and his craft.