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Print continues with Lipstick's Perry Ogden

Our Print project continues with a brand new interview! 

In 1979, 18-year-old Perry Ogden and his Eton College school friends pitched a magazine that aimed to follow in the footsteps of Ritz and Interview. It was called Lipstick and would go on to feature the likes of Andy Warhol, David Bailey and Diana Vreeland. 

SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard sat down with Ogden to discuss the zine’s beginning, how he defied Eton’s ‘£25 profit’ rule and his encounters with fashion’s big names: ‘You had to be very careful. Who would those people be? What do they represent?’

Ogden also talks of the surprising success of Lipstick’s only issue – ‘In a funny way, I guess I was proud… it went better than we’d expected. The next day or the next week, you’re onto something else’ – along with how he feels about his early photographs: ‘They’re fine. It was probably a bit daunting because, you know, I wasn’t in a position to be carrying around lights and I was still very much learning.’

Check out the interview now and peruse Lipstick for yourself. Make sure to catch up with the rest of Print featuring Cheap Date’s Bay Garnett, curator Tory Turk and magazine collector Paul Gorman