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Dear Sissel,
The Violence 2 is a lot more interesting than the first prototype.
My first impression was that there was something more animal about it. It smelt more menacing/ dangerous and I wondered if it was my desire to feel this or wether there was the beginning of a instinctive reaction to the smell.
Our theory is that when men (or indeed women,but that is part two of this project) fight they release pheromones that are only released when the "fight or flight"response is activated. Furthermore the pheromones we are trying to isolate are the one that would be released if the individual opts for the "fight" option rather than the "flight" option.
Now, are we supposing that these pheromones will have a smell and it is that that our scent would predominantly smell of? Or are they an ingredient within the overall scent and that we create a "pleasing" scent that may smell mainly of pleasing but appropriate smells, such as leather or brick dust for example and that the pheromones that we isolate are undetectable and are there to trigger a behavioral response in the wearer or the people that the wearer comes into contact with?


  1. la
    16:04 19 Feb 2009
    doesn't what you say make it a drug rather than a fragrance?
  2. GalileosUniverse
    18:19 19 Feb 2009
    PIC> 2007/city_of_violence.html
    Interesting to know whether it could be 'manipulated' in order that the smell could have the necessary effect to neutralise the impulses of violence in us humans ?..... Just a wild thought :):)
  3. tdan
    19:23 19 Feb 2009
    it certainly had a kick to it!!!