by Christabel Stewart .

Product shot: assume vivid astro focus

Christmas was kind to Transmissions this year with a suprise visit from esteemed cheapcream contributor assume vivid astro focus who hand delivered one of his new Le Sportsac creations designed for the classic sporty brand - their bumbags a beloved element of his Brazilian wardrobe during the eighties, we understand. This isn't totally hot off the press, they've been launched in the States already, but I'm sure it is the perfect January tonic to a Winter existence of sensibly muted London-proof clothes.


  1. harley
    17:45 6 Jan 2007
    Yes, yes, but where can we buy one?
  2. joanneK
    00:57 8 Jan 2007
    Le Sportsac is a nightmare to get ahold of, as they change every month and don't do any reissues. Oh, and no one responds to emails to their website either.