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Project brief from Nick & Simon to YOU

Asked to contribute to the forthcoming ‘Health of the Nation’-themed, August issue of i-D magazine, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton elected to create a photographic story about the ‘brutalising city’: how it is brutalised by us, how it brutalises us and as a result, how it encourages us to brutalise each other. Taking the Gaia hypothesis that the universe functions as a single, living organism as a point of departure, the pair set about imagining the city as if a human: fractures in its concrete ‘skin’ symbolising slashes to the body, the water flowing under London or its interconnecting roads as veins and arteries. The loose correlations are endless...

Realising that London is only one of many possible locations for such a shoot, Nick and Simon have decided to open their project up to you, the SHOWstudio viewers worldwide, throwing down their brief as a gauntlet to the many internationally-based photographers we know view the site and contribute to the FORUM. In handwritten notes, Nick has identified a series of image types for those wishing to participate –such as backs of advertising hoardings, police signs, floral tributes, cuts on fists, police cells, cash dispensers or binge-drinking girls- around which you should construct their version of the shoot. For further clarification, he and Simon have also delivered their take on the brief via a couple of short 'to camera' films.

So...get snapping and, together with your name and location, send us your ‘brutalising city’ story using the form provided, in advance of i-D’s publication date: the second week of July. It will then be published in a special gallery on SHOWstudio where not only will you be able to compare your work against that of Nick and Simon, you can also see how photographers from across the planet each interpret the brief and their experience of city living.