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Punk: Bart Hess and Ruth Hogben is complete!

Our Punk LiveStudio is now complete! Over 20 and 21 August, filmmaker Ruth Hogben, designer Bart Hess, stylist Ellie Cumming and ballet dancer Eric Underwood joined forces to create a punk film live for your viewing pleasure. Their collaboration forms part of our Punk fashion film season, in which creatives were asked to embrace the spirit of DIY in punk and create a one-off garment to feature in a film. Hogben will use the footage from this LiveStudio to create a beautiful fashion film, which will be released in the project shortly.

Hess chose to explore punk's association with metal adornments by covering Underwood's body in tiny magnets before showering him with thousands of micro metal pieces, including chains, pins and studs. These metal objects formed unique and beautiful clusters depending on the movement of the dancer's body.

These boots were made using the same process, and will now go on sale at SHOWstudio Shop. Don't miss the chance to snap up a unique product of this amazing collaboration.

Also - if you missed the LiveStudio, don't fret - we'll upload on-demand footage at some point in the near future alongside Hogben's finished film!