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Pussycat, Pussycat - Look four is Prada and Cartier

The fourth look of the day features a Prada suit and Cartier gems - a match made in heaven. The latest furry friend to join Cara behind Nick's Instagram lense is a tiny black and white bunny, perfectly matching the monochromed jewelled Prada piece. Also coordinated is our jewellery, which aptly has an animal theme, coming from Cartier's Panthère collection. Follow Nick Knight on Instagram @SHOWstudio_Nick_Knight to see all the action or check out our image galleries here.


  1. Javi
    12:56 4 Sep 2013
    Say what? Oh my! -40 C can literally break you in half ha ha We have had rlleay low temps but not so much here in Quebec.Yes, the best thing to do is to dress up with many layers and cover your head & hands .then you can go about your day.Toronto is facing Lake Ontario and the humidity is amazing.Oh well, 2 more months of winter and hello spring!Thank you for visiting
  2. Joel
    23:03 4 Sep 2013
    I love to wear monochrome too, black is my fvuraoite colour so i like to wear mainly black outfits , often with navy or burgundy accents.White is my summer colour, this year I plan to mix with greys and nude pinks.Your necklace is really beautiful!