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'Queen of Hell' - Danielle Neu's tribute to leather continues!

In the first week of January 2014 artist Danielle Neu took over the SHOWstudio Tumblr with imagery exploring the fashion staple, the leather jacket. In an extension to her visual research and as a brilliant conclusion to her curation, Neu has created short fashion film, 'Queen of Hell', which we are proud to present exclusively on SHOWstudio.

'I always knew the story that my mother was doomed in my grandmother’s eyes the moment she bought her first Rolling Stones record.' Neu approaches this piece from a personal perspective, immersing herself in a myriad of references, from the fantasy of the female biker to Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising. She goes on to explain, 'This is an ode to my mother, grandmother, and all that hope their children won’t get on a machine, strip down on their knees, and dance around the fire.' A generational notion subtly elevated in using an iPhone to film ideas that have been clad in leather for decades past.

Watch the film now and re-visit Neu's enticing Tumblr curation


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