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Question submissions now closed!

We're now less than forty-eight hours away from the FREE live stream of our intimate one-on-one In Camera interview with Lady Gaga, and after two weeks and over 25,000 questions submitted, we are now, sadly, unable to accept any more! The masses of queries, quandaries, requests - and, frankly, quite a few propositions - will be painstakingly edited to a hand-picked selection of only finest quality to be posed to the Lady herself, live on air for two hours from 12:00 BST this Sunday.

Tune in here to see if your question is one of the range from friends, celebrities and fans to be asked during the broadcast!


  1. captainshmee
    02:23 30 May 2010
    hopefully youll ask my question id like to say your an inspiration my life you are a very talented with a voice of an angel my question is if you where to meet your true love your muse on this show what would you do?...... or say? anyway im a huge fan of your work keep it up!! love joshua r perez from fresno california p.s. heres a youtube video for you ladygaga poem mov
  2. captainshmee
    02:25 30 May 2010
    sorry i have bad spelling hehe