by Nick Knight .

Questions to Sissel

Dear Sissel,

I was just wondering, once i send you back the Tshirt, what exactly are the next steps? How long before we have our first results?

I enjoyed being able to post your link to the Evil lecture ,if you have any other reference material please send it through and i will post it on the process blog.

I am looking forward to receiving the first tshirt. Do we have to credit Zimmerli?





Dear Nick!!! YES I am very happy to have started!!
As soon as the shirts arrive they will be analyzed, formula made and step by
step sampling of the smells.
What we have to discuss is if we are going to produce a serie of smells =
one from each person OR if we in the end, when we have all - choose only
one?! WE should discuss this ASAP

PS. YES Zimmerli should be with their Logo on our webpage!!!! I promised
them. I sent Charlotte  the wesite from Zimmerlin, where you can find the