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Read Niamh White's essay on Isabella Blow and the 'muse' label

SHOWstudio's own Niamh White has written a wonderful essay to sit within our Isabella Blow series. Exploring the 'muse' label (one often applied to Blow) White recalls female artists whose work and achievements have been overshadowed by their role as a source of inspiration to their male counterparts; notably Rossetti's model Lizzie Siddal and the photographer Lee Miller. White also discusses the emphasis placed on the melodramatic aspects of these women's personalities; their depressions and addictions as opposed to their creative powers. 

'The problem with labelling Isabella Blow as a muse is that this preconceived idea of an emotionally charged woman casually lounging around the artist, lingers on. Blow, in fact, can bat away every cliche attached to the role,' she explains.

Read White's astute essay in full, and stay tuned for the next in the series!