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'Red Rose Pink Donkey' by Bernhard Willhelm and Dirk Bonn

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Considering Athens is known as the cradle of democracy, it is appropriate that Bernhard Willhelm and Dirk Bonn's film uses the distinctly Political Fashion worn by the Greek Proedriki Froura guarding the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier to subversive effect.


  1. marian
    12:40 31 Mar 2008
    i love brenhard and his wierd brain and stong manly nose.
  2. marian
    13:56 31 Mar 2008
    i meant strong!!!!
  3. marko
    21:04 31 Mar 2008
    Oh la la!
  4. la
    22:39 31 Mar 2008
    The best film yet! I love it.
    Witty surreal funny and thought provoking. So good.
    How come so few comments?
  5. 1cal1
    22:43 31 Mar 2008
    Made me very happy indeed. Makes life worth living.
  6. marko
    20:02 1 Apr 2008
    Hope I have not offended la by my use of oh la la!
  7. GalileosUniverse
    12:11 2 Apr 2008
    OH...YES !... DEMOCRACY ... that very kind and absolutely generous old grand LADY and INDEED THE BEST AND MOST ' SUCCESSFUL' TOP MODEL OF ALL TIMES ... we have grown so accustomed to her and become wearily ......' FASHIS-ON-ABLE ' blasé..... that she seems to have been slowly forgotten against her own will, and in the walk of time to have lost her RADIANT BEAUTY and TOTALLY APPEALING ALLURE ! ....
    She seems to have grown tired, worrisome and so wrinkled that we no longer recognised her even in full day light !! ... She no longer gets her needed supply of VITAMINS to keep her fit and strong .... and as for her badly needed exercise we have just provided her with a TV if just to let her watch others ' doing ' the exercise for her in a manner of an unwilling FANTASY... and so we think... to keep her happy for a moment in her steadily frail growing mind .... and with no ' plastic surgery ' at hand to make her young , idealistic , appealing and absolutely sexy AGAIN !...... she just seems to have no choice but to live from her good old memories and triumphs from the always referred to as her GOOD OLD DAYS ... just as people do always say in times when desperation seems to be closing by ....
    She is slowly but certainly getting clumsy just as well ..... and like those HORROR-LIKE-FAIRY-TALES , lets hope she would will not end up like in that tragic scene of Miss Havisham's dress ... as portrait to us in 'Great Expectations' ... and how ironically appropriate .... that beautiful and ever sublime title ...
    Thank U ... to the brilliant mind who wrote the text using that FABULOUS WORD ... DEMOCRACY ! You certainly did inspired someone with your text about Willhelm's very clever and witty film :):) ... and I just couldn't let it go ..... and to end ..... I would like to say ... THERE!!! ... who says FASHION can not be POLITICAL and yet BEAUTIFYING ... INSPIRING and an ENERGISER ! .... I DO LOVE TRUE FASHION......... and not "JUST" ..........F_A_S_H_I_O_N ...:):)
  8. adad7
    18:54 28 Apr 2008
    nice work.
    nice butt!