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Rei Nadal's Fashion Fetish Tumblr curation - day four

Rei Nadal's fourth day of Fashion Fetish Tumblr curation begins with a fresh delivery of fashion items and cosmetics ready to inspire her daily musings and self-portraits. The provided are merely propositions rather than impositions on Nadal's work: she can choose to incorporate them into her work or not according to her creative urges. The objects delivered to Nadal yesterday morning were as follows:

Caramel pink latex dress, neck-corset, opera gloves and lace-up stockings, all custom-made by Atsuko Kudo 
Nude patent leather stilettos by Christian Louboutin
Pink wig created by Sam McKnight 
Nude nails created by Marian Newman 
Lipstick - Armani 604, chosen by Val Garland
Silver beaded chiffon gown by Theyskens' Theory Autumn/Winter 2012
Vintage feather bolero
Blue wig created by Sam McKnight
Lipstick - Dior Mauve Mystere, chosen by Val Garland

Visit the SHOWstudio Tumblr to see Nadal's curation unfold and to ask Rei any questions about her style or selections.


  1. kaisaleena
    11:28 5 Apr 2012
    rei. i love to see how you transform every day. self-portairts and other pics you've been choosing go really well together. you deserve this all.
  2. Sewana
    12:51 10 May 2013
    Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biigtgy.
  3. Amberlee
    12:51 10 May 2013
    Wow! Great to find a post knokcing my socks off!
  4. Marilu
    12:51 10 May 2013
    Good point. I hadn't thohugt about it quite that way. :)
  5. Vikas
    08:07 12 May 2013
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