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Rei Nadal's Fashion Fetish Tumblr curation - day three

The third day of artist Rei Nadal's Fashion Fetish Tumblr curation kicks off with another high fashion care package delivered right to her Barcelona door. The items are available for her to include in her self-portraits should she desire. The objects delivered to Nadal yesterday morning and potentially included in her imagery were as follows:

Floor-length chiffon skirt, chiffon sleeveless shirt, chiffon veil and flat leather brogues, all by Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2012
Flesh-coloured leather harness, black leather wrist and ankle cuffs and leather gag by Fleet Ilya 
Lipstick - Nars Jungle Red, chosen by Val Garland

Each day, the items that make up Nadal's delivery can be seen online in a gallery project. Nadal will be posting images created and curated to the SHOWstudio Tumblr throughout the course of the next week as part of our Fashion Fetish series.


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  1. Aniezt
    15:45 23 Feb 2013
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