by Ben Knight Evans .

Relaunching today: 24 Hrs by Nick Knight and Stefano Pilati

Relaunching today is 24Hrs, a project conceived in 2008 by Nick Knight and Yves Saint Laurent's Stefano Pilati as part of the house's introduction of its Edition 24 line. With 24 films each depicting an hour in the day of a woman played by model Jessica Miller, 24 Hrs invited screenwriters from around the world to submit scripts for a four-act, 24-part story that is now available to view alongside its accompanying 78-page catalogue, narrations of each scene by actor Dan Stevens and a series of one-line mini-manifestos collected in the spirit of the politically charged Paris of the early 1960s.


  1. vicky ellers
    04:13 23 Sep 2011
    Loved the color of the lipstick and the nail polish! I'm looking forward for this project.
  2. Nick Knight
    08:20 27 Sep 2011
    Hello Vicky,
    the project already happened in 2008!
    It is one from our archives that has been revamped and relauched.
    We are going through the whole of the SHOWstudio archive and reworking all the major projects.
    We obviously didn't make this clear enough , sorry...clearly still a lot to learn.
    Best wishes,