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Rick Owens’ Fashion Mix is now live!

Fashion designer Rick Owens is the latest guest DJ to join the ranks of the industry’s great and good on SHOWstudio’s Fashion Mix project. Just like his modern avant-garde designs, Owens' music taste pushes boundaries. Making a notable appearance is 'drag terrorist' Christeene - the ambiguously gendered alter-ego of performance artist Paul Soileau - who offers up the subtly titled Fix My Dick. To balance his music books, Owen's offsets his alternative beats with a fine sprinkling of rock classics from the likes of Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper and a heavy metal anthem from legendary artist Red Zombie. Bop along Owens-style now!

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  1. Nada
    09:06 17 Aug 2012
    In my senior year of high scohol and freshman year of college, I really wanted to dress like an 18th-century man. This translated into button-down shirts, black pants rolled up to the knee, colored tights (omitted on hot days), and black Mary Janes. Oh, and all my clothes were two sizes too big. And I always wore a neon-green Shrek watch from a cereal box, not for ironic hipster reasons but because dorks need to tell time, too. It wasn't until junior year that I learned how to dress semi-well.