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‘Riot Now’ by Johnny Blue Eyes and Seth Kirby

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With its title – ‘Riot Now’ - adapted from a Sex Pistols’ lyric, Johnny Blue Eyes’ contribution to Political Fashion is charged with religious, political and sexual imagery. ‘Riot Now’ revists all the raw energy and confrontation of the early punk movement – and indeed the of Pistols themselves.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    10:29 18 Mar 2008
    " I believe that if people feel truly free within themselves, the world would be a more accepting, beautiful and enchanting place.' I absolutely agree with this and then I would add .... and in order to feel free one must be tolerant towards all of those who do not agree with our believes ..... but that TOLERANCE must never be violated or repaid with INTOLERANCE ..... because otherwise hatred will start to germinate ... and that is something we should never allow to further its way !
  2. KarlFuler
    12:09 18 Mar 2008
    I liked some images in this film but it appears to be about self glamourisation of the makers, with no reference to fashion or politics.
  3. marko
    14:21 18 Mar 2008
    It reminds me of something from the 60s, a sort of drug induced vision.