by Niamh White .

Rose Robson's sculpture is now on display at SHOWstudio Shop!

We have a new addition to SHOWstudio Shop's current exhibition Death courtesy of Rose Robson's hugely successful LiveStudio 'Murder of Crows' which took place over the past two days. The finished piece is now on display in our gallery at 1-9 Bruton Place in London.

Robson gave us a unique insight into her method of taxidermy during her residency, demonstrating both the laborious, technical elements of the craft alongside her own creative flair in the composing of a new form. While going through the grotesque process of skinning, Robson actually revealed to us the huge spectrum of colour that naturally cover these birds, and that she uses as her palette. Irridescent blues, greens and purples glowed in what Robson described as a 'halo' around the feathers in our daylight studio.

Robson has not only mastered this traditional craft, but has developed her own version of it. Simultaneously we are confronted with the grotesque and the beautiful, the macabre and the carnivalesque. The final effect is spellbinding, and well worth a visit to the gallery to see in the flesh. We are also now offering it for sale as part of Shop's continuing effort to give the  opportunity for people to support and invest in the most promising young artists at a pivotal stage in their career.

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday 11.00am until 6.00pm and features work by the Gao Brothers, Claire Morgan and now Rose Robson. For sales enquiries please contact Niamh White.