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Rupert Sanderson's Fashion Mix is live now!

There are two requirements to urban jungle survival: a streetwise soundtrack and well-heeled footwear.

Preeminent cordwainer Rupert Sanderson’s playful design ethos is reflected in this stomping, shoe-centric Fashion Mix playlist. Paul Roseson’s The Cobbler’s Song and Bob Dylan’s Boots of Spanish Leather are a perfect tribute to Sanderson's personal design journey, which saw him discover a world of inspiration in Italy’s craft heritage and collaborate with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld. Just like his covetable, luxurious designs, this cheery playlist is sure to Keep The Customers Satisfied, Simon & Garfunkel-style. So sling on your slingbacks, buckle up your boots and leap around in your loafers to the sound of Sanderson's sole-ful playlist now!


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  1. Mily
    14:35 4 Sep 2012
    It's my life