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Ruth Hogben and Fendi team-up for Venus in Fendi

Fendi collaborated with image-maker Ruth Hogben on a fashion film to show off their underwater-themed Pre-fall 13-14 collection. Drawing inspiration on the house's Roman roots, Hogben aimed to capture the essence of a true Roman woman - a strong, confident female. 'The Roman woman does not perform, she is performed to,' explains Hogben.

Watch the film now!


  1. SarahJ
    14:29 1 Aug 2013
    Wooooo! Ruth Hogben. This is so good. I love her stuff with Gareth.
  2. MarieSchuller
    14:29 1 Aug 2013
    Again, Ruth is brilliant x
  3. William Mathie
    14:35 1 Aug 2013
    This is fantastic!

    always a fan of slow motion!
  4. funeral
    14:40 1 Aug 2013
    Such a beautiful film, as expected from Ruth.
    Fantastic fashion film.
  5. BilBrown
    20:17 1 Aug 2013
    This is wonderfully European. Like a dark exploration with a maglight into the mind of history.
  6. sally.northmore
    11:40 5 Aug 2013
    Chills. Just so good.
  7. CarrieScott
    18:08 5 Aug 2013
    I so wish Ruth had a website that featured all her films. That said, her site is pretty cool too in it's evasive avoidance of self-promotion!
  8. broadbean
    13:33 6 Aug 2013
    I think she does , its called SHOWstudio !!