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Sale Raises in excess of 19K!!

The auction ended last night at eight o'clock, as over one hundred and eighty items finally went under the eBay hammer. Word from Oxfam is that the sale has raised a magnificent total of more than £19,000!!! You generous people. To see what each lot went for, check the AUCTION section of the project.

Now that all the fabulous clothes are flying off to their new owners, we're left feeling a little bereft and curious about their new destinations. So we've devised an ingenious way of keeping track. A letter will accompany each lot, explaining the provenance of the garment (and the relevance of the initial submissions form you all filled in) and urging new owners to send us a picture of the item in its new home. These will be pubished on the site as we receive them. See excerpt:

To now complete the story of these clothes, we ask that you send a picture of yourself wearing or in possession of the garment, to be published on the SHOWstudio website. Please include your name and location.

e-mail your pictures to:

Or post them to (but we cannot return your prints):
Bring and Buy Pictures
25-31 Ironmonger Row
United Kingdom