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Sarah Kathryn Cleaver writes about monstrous make-up

Early this year we launched Ugly, a landmark series that explores fashion's fascination with deliberate awkwardness and vulgarity. The project was inspired by the statement from Miuccia Prada that, 'ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer,' and features essays by esteemed fashion journalists and a scholarly interview with curator and historian Valerie Steele.

This week we launch a new essay by writer and SHOWstudio's own editorial assistant Sarah Kathryn Cleaver. The piece focuses on ugliness within beauty trends. Cleaver writes, ‘Isabella Blow’s deliberately lipstick stained teeth, Anna Piaggi’s softly waved turquoise fringe and blotchy doll make-up and Michele Lamy’s gothic, inked forehead, silver teeth and black fingers are all examples of an irrepressible creative drive, expressed using the nearest available media, the skin and the contents of a makeup bag’. 

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