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Scene Six, Let Them Eat Kate

'Let Them Eat Kate', the final shot of Agent Provocateur's 'White Wedding' campaign by Nick Knight

The White Wedding serial comes to an incendiary climax; with the popes and the bridesmaids melting into insignificance, a ferocious Kate rocks out with a fistful of cake.


  1. splendour
    14:59 8 May 2008
    It´s astonishing how many talented people could c ome up with such a dire result. As an ad. campaign maybe but to claim it is groundbreaking or original in any way shows great delusions of grandeur. And what are Jake and Dinos doing in it at all. Sad.
  2. 1cal1
    20:56 8 May 2008
    i don't know where some of these comments come from,these are really different ways of film making .i have never seen someone open up the elements of a still image and introduce new elements in the spaces created. It is deconstucting imagery in really exciting ways . sorry i just find that these films offer a different way of creating narrative. i can't wait to see where all this is going ,just feels like the possibilities of a new sort of film making are starting to happen .