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Scent Concept Revealed!

When we launched our project last year to create an Internet fragrance, our initial focus was on the ground-breaking aspect of creating, marketing and selling a perfume wholly online, keeping the concept of the scent itself strictly under wraps. Now, we are able to bring more details of not only the creation of the essence absolue, but the inspiration behind the fragrance itself. Our new Concept section to the project reveals Nick Knight's provocative ideas behind both the smell and the sell, premiering the influences behind the scent, its target consumer and the innovative manner in which the perfume is intended to function when worn.To continue tracking the development of the scent before its 2009 launch, our new Process Blog will reveal the ins and outs of the developmental process, updated with text, images and email correspondence as and when they happen.


  1. Salwa
    00:02 25 Sep 2008
    amazing and brave and makes a pertinent point about construction and manipulation to harness powerful chemical reactions in humans, in marketing and the selling of products.
    I am really looking forward to this experiment!
    I hope the outcome is as stirring as the concept.
  2. GalileosUniverse
    10:54 25 Sep 2008
    Very challenging indeed and even if it might fail ( let's hope not ! ) the positive side is that it offers a moment of serious thought and consideration on the subject of violence .... however short that moment of reflection may be .