by Penny Martin .

Scott Stephen

With 500 or so people receiving invites to the ball, it's our assumption that every milliner in town is going to be inundated with commissions. Meanwhile, we've got a team of people here in the studio who will also need their faces covered to go about the business of filming/webcam-ing/interacting etc. that will ensure a lively broadcast on the night.

What to do? Whilst hatmakers are expert in creating dramatic silhouettes and complimenting the shape of the head, it was our hunch that a jeweller would lend additional qualities: their familiarity with the face and neck; their flair for adorning intimate surfaces and taste for lustrous substances and adornment.

One jeweller whose work we've had our eye on for some time (and whose brooch Laura included in her selection for the Blow, Clap, Talk & Hum) is Scott Stephen. I went to meet him and his agent Valery Demure in SoHo this afternoon to ask him whether he would consider making a suite of masks for the SHOWstudio team to wear to the ball. Despite a crucifying workload, the (Scottish[!!]) designer agreed immediately and will mull over ideas during the next fortnight. All suggestions gratefully received...