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See London through Nick Knight's eyes in #MySecretCity

Our own Nick Knight is giving you the chance to see London through his eyes via a unique collaboration with American Express!

In 2012 Knight dreamed up Pussycat, Pussycat our first ever Instagram shoot, so it makes sense for American Express to partner with Knight on #MySecretCity, a real time photography exhibition hosted live from London on Twitter. Knight is out and about in London, capturing photos of the hidden inspirations he sees in the places he passes by every day, and sharing them in real time. The Twitter exhibition shows the hidden beauty in these unexpected locations, including city gardens, brutalist architecture, and metropolitan playgrounds to help people realise the full potential of London. 

‘We get so stuck in our familiar ways around the city that we miss the sheer beauty and inspiration all around us, which is why I’m working with American Express to celebrate this wonderful city and help people see its hidden beauty,’ says Knight.

Head over to our Twitter now to watch as Knight posts his snapshots in real time!