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Selling Sex live performance - Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 May, at 12:00 BST

As part of Selling Sex, London-based poet and rapper MC Angel is set to take to the SHOWstudio soapbox, offering up a dynamic all-female performance. The event will be streamed live from SHOWstudio's headquarters tomorrow, Wednesday 9 May, at 12:00 BST.

Angel recruits a lively female troupe - from burlesque performers to graffiti artists - to help her get her messages across. The group will be channeling their own thoughts on problems that face people in their communities to provide a forceful comment on issues relating to sex, gender and feminism.

It's set to be a riotous affair! Tune in Wednesday 9 May at 12:00 BST to see the 80-minute act for yourself.