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Selling Sex: Phoebe English and Leah Debrincat - the outfit is taking shape!

Phoebe English has been beavering away in our studio, working on her strapping elastic 'dance-bikini' and latex fringed skirt (evocative of our last Selling Sex LiveStudio, a lesson in latex from designer Atsuko Kudo). English has also been discussing the process behind her work, including the inspirations and ideas that went into today's look. She's also talked favourite designers - McQueen, Alaia and Charles James, if you're wondering - student life, and hopes for the future. She's still taking questions, so head to our project page to pick the creative brain of one of London's key talents.

See the outfit take shape live now!

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  1. Justin
    07:49 17 Jul 2012
    For me, THE first sign of spring, every year, is hvaing the area around my house sprayed by a skunk. This happened yesterday and my first thought was ah, spring is here'.