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Selling Sex: Phoebe English - process film now live

On 6 and 7 June 2012 as part of our Selling Sex season Phoebe English and team set up camp at SHOWstudio, offering a dynamic exploration of the interplay between clothing, body and movement. Each day saw English design and create a brand new look from scratch in her signature latex - one look pale and flesh-like, the other dark and sensual. To bring her looks to life English teamed with fusion belly dancer Leah Debrincat who showed off the kinetic possibilities of the outfits in a energetic performance at the end of each day. Those who missed the original live-stream can now catch an edited process film showing English and Debrincat in all their glory, along-side a candid Q&A.

Watch edited footage of Phoebe English and Leah Debrincat's Frenetic Flesh now!