by Alexander Fury .

Shady Characters live shoot broadcast tomorrow

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be streaming live from the LiveStudio to showcase Nick Knight and Simon Foxton's latest collaboration, appropriately enough for the 30th Anniversary edition of i-D magazine. Hence this morning was spent deep in contemplation and conversation with the fantastic Mr Foxton to decide exactly how to title this latest shoot. The idea is silhouette - namely capturing the graphic shapes of next season's key menswear pieces in shadow as sharp as sliced-out pieces of card, on a bevy of street-cast male models. We toyed much with these ideas - shadow play, shadow aspect, à la Silhouette - when suddenly Mr Foxton hit upon the perfect literary evocation of his resolutely down-to-earth styling and the gangland feeling of this ever-so-slightly-sinister shoot: 'Shady Characters'. They don't call him fantastic for nothing.

Join us in the LiveStudio from 11:30 BST tomorrow morning to catch Simon Foxton's Shady Characters in action.