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Shona & Tim doing what they do best LIVE!

Early evening on day two of our live shoot and it’s all hands on set. Shona’s chipping away at the central prop, an abstract block custom made to complement the contours of the model’s body. Tim’s going over his test shots with approving nods from the rest of the team and model Giedre is pretty in pink covered head to toe in body paint, constantly attended to by make-up artist Andrew. Shona and Tim are working until 21.00 GMT tonight, so come down and join us at Somerset House and watch through our two-way mirror or catch the live stream here .

Sarah Raphael


  1. saint
    19:12 29 Oct 2009
    Hooray ! A naked lady.
  2. la
    20:02 29 Oct 2009
    They have been chipping away at that monolith all day and I can't understand why or what it is. Could Shona or Tim please explain.