by Dan Challis .

The last week of our Iris Van Herpen exhibition!

The SHOWcabinet exhibition, situated directly below SHOWstudio at 19 Motcomb Street, centers around the fashion designer Iris van Herpen and her stunning oeuvre. The exhibition also contains pieces selected from various other prominent designers and artists who explore similar techniques and themes to that of Van Herpen.

The exhibition concentrates on the dramatic Crystallization Dress. The one of a kind piece, created exclusively for SHOWstudio, grew from our Splash! project, which took place earlier on in the year - a collaboration between Nick KnightDaphne Guinness and van Herpen herself. It is a physical recreation of the moment that water hits the human body and was exclusively rendered from super-heated acrylic to mirror the liquid's structural fluidity.

In addition to this we hold two more dresses from van Herpen's extraordinary archive. The first is part of van Herpen’s 2012 haute couture collection titled Hybrid Holism. This dress was originally worn by Lady Gaga and takes direct inspiration from the architect Phillip Beesley’s project Hylozoic Ground, the book of which is available in our Shop.

The second piece is taken from her 2013 collection Voltage and is the world's first 3D printed dressFor this piece of fashion history van Herpen collaborated with architect Julia Koerner. As she discusses with Lou Stoppard in her In Fashion interview, exploring and developing the potential of these new technologies is an exciting prospect for her already flourishing career.

These garments, along with other works by Philip Treacy, Tobias Klein and many more can be seen at our 19 Motcomb Street gallery until 19 July. For more information on van Herpen you can also purchase an exclusively signed copy of her book online or in store.