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SHOWstudio at the Sydney Opera House

All of us at SHOWstudio are thrilled to be taking part in Bespoke, a brilliant event taking place today, 16 May, at the Sydney Opera House. Organised by The Australian Financial Review Magazine, the event takes the form of a series of collaborative discussions, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions.

The event features an amazingly diverse line-up of speakers discussing global trends, innovation and creative collaboration. Unsurprisingly, given SHOWstudio's passion for team work, Nick Knight and SHOWstudio decided to focus our contribution on creative collaboration. We supplied footage from our pioneering Visions Couture initiative, created by Nick Knight in collaboration with Daphne Guinness, as well as an exclusive interview with Knight in which he discussed his relationship with Daphne and the reasoning behind his focus on collaboration.

Revisit Visions Couture now to see Guinness clad in Spring/Summer 2012's finest, alongside pieces were her own legendary wardrobe. The project also saw Knight collaborate on 3D scans with Danny Brown and films with Marie Schuller - see all the amazing content, which went on to be featured in the windows of Paris' Le Printemps department store in Spring 2012, over on our project page now.