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Posted . - Ten Years On

Exactly ten years ago - to the moment - at 19:27 GMT on 27 November 2000, launched. That is, not only the website launched, but a new way of viewing fashion - online, in motion, in detail and live. A decade later, following relentless, restless innovation and experimentation, is proudly celebrating its tenth year. As has become the standard, this is marked by us pushing our boundaries even further. Our SHOWstudio Shop Florist show was the first step of the tenth birthday celebrations, alongside a programme of live events throughout the next year, and the launch of the final step of our latest major fashion film season The Fashion Body on Friday 3 December. There is even more to come - at the moment, we are in the midst of re-working the site's design and fundamental structure, scheduled to re-launch early next year alongside a number of far-reaching projects. Innovation as usual then.

From each and every member of the team, we thank you, our viewers, for your constant support and participation in all projects. To paraphrase our founder and director, Nick Knight - even ten years on, it feels as if the revolution has just begun, and we have much more to share with our devoted fans.


  1. alex.fury
    20:00 27 Nov 2010
    Happy birthday!
  2. someonegreat
    21:05 27 Nov 2010
    Bon anniversaire!
  3. toastytoaty
    22:30 27 Nov 2010
    Congrats on ten brilliant years! Heres to ten more!
  4. damomatic
    00:51 28 Nov 2010
    Happy birthday !!
  5. VikramKansara
    01:34 28 Nov 2010
    Happy 10th Anniversary SHOWstudio! Here’s to the next ten!
  6. BabyAnne
    08:26 28 Nov 2010
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What an amazing website, all my best wishes for another 10 years (at least) X
  7. leonor
    12:51 28 Nov 2010
    Happy Birthday!!
    17:59 28 Nov 2010
    Amazing site, hugely inspiring and the one site I continue to come back to year after year. Guy, Editor F156
  9. KaWai
    22:37 28 Nov 2010
    Showstudio pioneered online fashion magazine-it's still ahead of all the other fashion magazines/websites, with the range of contributors, behind the scenes, and amazing motion fashion pictures, and the completely democratic feedbacks between viewers and contributors, also projects which allow any viewers to participate-to create real time collaborative projects-just some of the most groundbreaking aspects Showstudio has done-and there are still plenty of new grounds to break-congratulations!
  10. Turbo
    01:47 29 Nov 2010
    Happy Birthday SHOWstudio!
    Always such fantastic projects and groundbreaking fashion films,
    Thanks for sharing!
  11. ChrisSummerfield
    10:15 29 Nov 2010
    I agree witgh Turbo life and time moves very quickly and you, as in we are only as good as what we are doing next. Thanks for the great gift from Nick Knight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. And also it is great to here from Turbo again, and I hope that all is good with you. Man.
  12. battmann
    13:42 30 Nov 2010
    Congratulations! Cool site.