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SHOWstudio completes its lecture at the Glasgow Film Festival
Marie Schuller talks about fashion film

Today saw SHOWstudio's head of fashion film Marie Schuller return from her trip to Scotland where she held a 2 hour presentation at the Glasgow Film Festival about fashion film and the means of communicating fashion in motion in the digital age. 

The lecture was held last night at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and included a retrospective from SHOWstudio's 12 year fashion film archive, screening the best collaborations of the most innovative filmmakers and designers, such as To Lee, With Love, Nick and Joie de Vivre

The presentation was organised and introduced by Claire Stuart who is in charge of the growing fashion strand at GFF and who additionally secured an array of feature films and documentaries for the festival that demonstrate a perfect symbiosis between fashion and film. 

Claire joined Marie onstage after her lecture for a Q&A session that saw people submitting questions both from the audience and through a live twitter feed. Topics like the future development of fashion film, its differences and similarities to advertising and the influence of growing technological advances were discussed amongst others.