by SHOWstudio .

SHOWstudio Exhibition at Somerset House

Working Models for the Somerset House Exhibition Space

To celebrate eight groundbreaking years of SHOWstudio, we are proud to announce that we will be staging an ambitious, multi-layered exhibition at London's Somerset House to open in 2009. Showcasing a retrospective of SHOWstudio's mould-breaking fashion and art projects around the three central themes of 'Process', 'Performance' and 'Participation', the exhibition will continue in this same tradition of innovation and invention.

Echoing SHOWstudio's unique approach to fashion representation, the exhibition will run the gamut from imagery, to sound, to interactivity. Alongside existing works taken from SHOWstudio projects throughout the years, a select program of the fashion films created for and by SHOWstudio will be broadcast, to give greater understanding to both the emerging medium of Fashion Film and SHOWstudio's fundamental importance as a platform for these creative endeavours. And in the grand tradition of SHOWstudio projects old and new, the secrets of the image-making process will be unveiled with a series of live fashion shoots within Somerset House open to the public.

We will of course be keeping you in the picture as preparations get underway: Blog entries, both from SHOWstudio and the design teams involved in devising the exhibition display itself, will take you through every nitty, gritty detail of the planning and execution of our grand designs, all the way through to the exhibition opening next year.


  1. la
    18:38 25 Oct 2008
    Is there any more news on this?
  2. saint
    23:56 25 Oct 2008
    i have seen the exhibition Skin and Bones at Somerset house, the space is interesting but quite odd proportions. Good luck SHOWstudio , I look forward to seeing what you do with the space.
  3. unnamedproducer
    01:03 26 Oct 2008
    i've waited so long for this!!!! I can't wait to come to this exhibition - I'm planning to ensheath my naked body in molten rubber and lay a big turd outside the entrance on arrival. I'm sure Nick will be absolutely thrrrilled at the spectacle as it manages to draw all and sundry (including the London Lite - fingers crossed - think of the press!!!) to the magnificence that is SHOWstudio and all it has taught us about the importance of politics from fashion designers and stylists.
    Is it okay if I puke into Gareth Pugh's mouth. Mmmm.