by Ben Knight Evans .

SHOWstudio Goes North, via Free Range

A small SHOWstudio contingent journeyed east to the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane Thursday night for the opening of Free Range, the creative graduate showcase. Whilst there was a vast selection of work from photography to fine art to fashion to feast upon, it was the Manchester University Interior Design stand that we made an excited beeline for, specifically to the section belonging to Bonita Moulton-Smith, whose final project focussed on the hypothetical relocation of SHOWstudio HQ to Manchester. Whilst our current Mayfair residence has served as studio (for both Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud), stable and even brothel, this new glittering proposal was entirely made-for-purpose. Allegorically designed to reflect the SHOWstudio pillar of transparency through process, and featuring everything from an integrated archive to a bar, Moulton-Smith even included a catwalk in a multi-layered and impressive offering. An architectural feast even for those outside of SHOWstudio's three-deep Mancunian mafia.

Ben Knight Evans